Hi folks. I stopped at the DQ offices in Kimmswick, Mo and they informed me there is one last obstacle. The US Senate needs to approve the bill to set the Delta Queen free. It is being sponsored by Roy Blunt, R-MO and Claire McCaskill, D-MO. The next session is due to start Nov 14. There is no guarantee they will get to it in this next session, and I think in order to do so
we need to bring political pressure to bear. Call your US Senator and urge them to pass it before the end of the year! You can also call the Mitch McConnell, R-KY who can get it moving. You can also call Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill. If they ask you what state you are from, tell them, but tell them also, this is a NATIONAL CONGRESS that passes legislation that affects everyone. We need to call and request to be apprised of the progress but more importantly to urge them to get it done THIS YEAR! Claire McCaskill is at 202-224-2235. Roy Blunt is at (202) 224-5721. Mitch McConnell is at
(202) 224-2541. Let's do this one thing!!! Thank you and let's get moving. Our time is NOW!