Blank Rome filed their report for the 3rd quarter today showing they received an additional $30,000 income from ACL, I noted they were down to two lobbyists from the five used in the 2nd quarter and they added HR 5978 (Coast Guard and Maritime Amendments Act of 2016) HR 5394 (A various agencies appropriations Act) and S. 2844 (Consolidated Appropriations Act) to the activity issues list. They continue to show increased effort to stop the exemption from getting passed as an add-on to another bill and keep the pressure up to stop the exemption from happening.

S. 1717 passed the Transportation Committee in late June but it is still not scheduled for floor vote/debate. The Senate is on break until after the elections so don't expect any activity until after November 14th when they reconvene.

Please continue to call and write your Senators and Representatives asking them to support the exemption bills and those of you in Kentucky call Senator McConnell's office and ask to schedule the vote. With everyone's effort we’ll get the Queen operating again.