Here is the latest on Blank Rome / ACL that Mike Washenko has found for us:
The 1st quarter 2017 lobbying report for Blank Rome was filed yesterday showing they received $30,000 from ACL during the quarter. Details were they utilized 5 lobbyists on HR 619 and S. 89. Although it doesn't specifically say the position in the report it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they were not supporting the bills.
Blank Rome was first retained by ACL in 2013 and have now received a total of $470,000 to stop the exemption from SOLAS for the Delta Queen to start cruising again.
Thanks to the support of Senator McCaskill we've beat them in the Senate and with your support we can beat them in the House. If you haven't done so yet please call your Representative and ask for them to support HR 619 and better yet become a co-sponsor. Please SHARE so others know where the problem is