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Thread: ACL Lobby Activity Update

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    Default ACL Lobby Activity Update

    Blank Rome filed their report for the 2nd quarter yesterday showing they received an additional $30,000 income from ACL, it was interesting to note that some major changes happened during the quarter as well. They used five lobbyists instead of the one used in the 1st quarter and they added S. 2829 (Maritime Administration Authorization) and S. 2943 (National Defense Authorization Act) to the activity issues list. Adding additional lobbyists and the two bills shows strong effort to stop the exemption from getting passed as an add-on to another bill and keep the pressure up to stop it from happening.

    Although S. 1717 passed the Transportation Committee in late June there is no news on it being scheduled for floor vote/debate. The Senate is on break for the Republican convention then will be again for the Democratic convention later this month. Nothing posted for next weeks planned activity.

    In addition to the direct lobbying Blank Rome is doing on Congress I found through researching campaign finance reports that Charlie Robertson and his family have made over $13,000 in contributions to Senator Blumenthalís political campaign fund. If you remember Blumenthal helped stop the 2013-14 exemption bill (that passed the House) from being considered in the Senate. But he couldnít stop it in the committee this year, our efforts are paying off.

    Please continue to call and write your Senators and Representatives asking them to support the exemption bills and weíll get the Queen operating again.

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    I really dislike how corrupt ALL our representatives are.I guess some things never change and those who get in are as quick to the take as the old ones. We truly need to call and voice support on all fronts. We may not have the greese to work like acl, but we have a strong voice and we need to let it be heard. Together we will get her out and sailing again. it'd be nice if we could make a Steamboat lives matter meme to flood socail media with. Keep up the fight. I've gotten to where I know who I'm speaking with at my reps offices. Sad, but we will win. FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!

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