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Frank, all the expenses you described....taxes, wharfage,insurance, utilities...are all normal business expenses which come with any boat. Surely they knew what they were getting into before they wrote the check. It didn't take a genius to realize that they were buying a very expensive problem if the boat wasn't quickly granted an exemption. Like Mrs. Greene once said "the DELTA QUEEN is the biggest white elephant in the world".
It was their decision to put money into a restaurant in Kimmswick. I think I would have used that money to hire a good lobbyist to counteract what the ACL lobbyists are doing. But, as Dale says "what do I know".
You're right, Jim, and I realize that all those expenses are the cost of doing business. I'm in the process of starting a new business, and, as you know, you have to allocate your funds where they do the most good! My point being is that the current owners have a lot of their money invested already, and that alone should not be discounted. Not to mention the lost sleep they've probably incurred! Without that money, and willingness to lose sleep, it's a very real possibility that the Old Gal might not even be with us anymore. It's easy to play Monday morning quarter back when you have no skin in the game.

We also don't know what all of the fine print of the agreement with Kimmswick says. Perhaps the company was faced with Hobson's choice and had to allocate funds in a manner that might not seem wise to us on the sidelines. I'm just sayin'!