Thanks for saying so eloquently what I was thinking when I posted my "good news" comment. And thanks to all others with a different point of view for commenting, too. This is the type of discussion needed to draw more folks into activity on this board.

If you read my book, "The River at Rising Sun" ( you can see how much the river has changed even in my relative short sixty plus years enjoying it flowing through my life.

Our challenge is first to protect and preserve the DQ and our steamboating heritage. The second challenge is to keep the DQ and steamboating relevant today and into the future.

To me steamboating is one word. However, "spell wrecker" says it is two individual words. Times and the standards of the King's English change over time.

Let us move forward towards a day when one long and two short toots salute Rabbit Hash, KY and Rising Sun, IN as she moves upriver with a full load of happy passengers.

Keep your steam up!

Russ Ryle