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Thread: article, read carefully

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    I've been lurking, pondering on these two DQ threads for a couple of days now. Many interesting and valid questions, but I'd like to point out a few differences between "then' and "now" and add an observation or two.

    First off, as far as the current DQSBCo. lobbying efforts vs 1971-1974. What was in place then was a money-making company with a big steamboat that was running, stopping in cities and towns all along the rivers. The PR factor there was enormous. The boat was in the public eye, passengers were riding and enjoying themselves. A full crew was working and a full office staff was working. And when I say money-making, maybe I should clarify: they were taking in money and providing services; it was a going concern with cash flow.

    Today, we have a small group of investors (bless them for stepping up!), who have not only moved the boat to a location where all marine services are readily available, but have addressed the most pressing concerns as far as keeping the boat structurally sound and preventing further deterioration. They are dedicated, but this is a small group with other full time jobs. There is no revenue stream. There have been arrangements made with the City of Kimmswick, and property purchased there. The restaurant is a way to keep some interest alive and maybe make a little money on investments made in Kimmswick until the boat can arrive.

    Possibly a lobbyist has been hired or will be; the posters who are questioning the silence of the owners have a legitimate question there. Even then, it will be an entirely different ball game than in the early '70's...the boat has not run for several years and while we die-hard fans know and care, to rally the massive public support that the PR professionals Betty Blake and E.J. Quinby did will be close to impossible. This is not to say it can't be done, but the situation is entirely different than it was then.

    As far as visitors to Kimmswick between November and April, it is quite close to St. Louis, which is actually somewhat of a tourist destination, even in the winter.

    What I'm seeing is not a perfect set-up for the DQ, but at least the boat is safe, a plan and a contingency is in place, and efforts are being made. There is still hope! This far down the road from her last days cruising, we are really pretty fortunate there is still a viable boat left to talk and dream about. We might have been remembering something that's gone forever.

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    Default Working towards our steamboating futuer .....


    Thanks for saying so eloquently what I was thinking when I posted my "good news" comment. And thanks to all others with a different point of view for commenting, too. This is the type of discussion needed to draw more folks into activity on this board.

    If you read my book, "The River at Rising Sun" ( you can see how much the river has changed even in my relative short sixty plus years enjoying it flowing through my life.

    Our challenge is first to protect and preserve the DQ and our steamboating heritage. The second challenge is to keep the DQ and steamboating relevant today and into the future.

    To me steamboating is one word. However, "spell wrecker" says it is two individual words. Times and the standards of the King's English change over time.

    Let us move forward towards a day when one long and two short toots salute Rabbit Hash, KY and Rising Sun, IN as she moves upriver with a full load of happy passengers.

    Keep your steam up!

    Russ Ryle

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