I agree with you all 110% that Congress and the democratic process is broken except when something big happens. Then they can get together and push a bill through faster than you can blink. It's not the way it should be but something we're stuck with. All we can do is try to work with it as best we can.

As has been mentioned before things are a different now than they were back in Betty Blake's time if for no other reason the amount of money spent by corporations to block or pass legislation is astronomical. One word about something trying to happen and the lobbyists are all over it like fly's on a pile of dog you know what to stop it.

I'll be checking the lobbyist filing reports again next month when they are filed to see how much more our friends at you know who spent this quarter to block the exemption.

I sincerely doubt that our fore-fathers could ever imagine things would be as they are today. Reminds me of the sci-fi book where congress has Senators and Representatives from the corporations instead of from the states and people.

But then what do I know.