*Compromise/12 hours docked etc.*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Jim, read your observations, suggestions with much interest. Again and again we've heard something of the 'plan' to cruise the DELTA QUEEN during the day, dock at night with other variations on housing the said on/around 50 passengers in hotels ashore resembling a quasi cruise and excursion vessel. Unfortunately, no '12 hour plan' would work or even be accepted. No matter if you have passengers aboard any boat cruising or tied up, you still have passengers aboard with continuing regulations governing operations, safety, food/beverage etc. Again, I don't pose as a naysayer always positive, willing to promote the current exemption--within reason and reality.

Again and again I've heard statements here and there, "The U.S. Coast Guard will alter their inspection findings, recommendations if so ordered by our U.S. Congress." Now, I don't know the actual verbal and written source for this several years ago but have a good idea. This not only untrue but dangerous. Other boat/ship operators are watching the current DQ exemption closely as to what it pertains to their own operation. There are politics and then there's nasty politics as we all know. Again, our U.S. Coast Guard a member of our U.S. military family same as the Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army [Corps of Army Engineers] etc. and as such charged with clearly stated missions. For certain I know the above statement about our U.S. Congress instructing the Coast Guard to alter findings went all the way to the top. Any private for profit corporate entity 'can' accept gifts/contributions from private citizens but NEVER any tax exempt 501(C)3 or Charitable Trust. The concern must be registered with their state Attorney General, pay a 'tax' on said gifts/contributions.

Thanks also to Mike for his latest exposure on the ACL lobbying efforts RE: DQ exemption. Again remember that any lobby effort with huge amounts of cash $$ at hand not illegal and part of the political process whether we like it or not. I've also suggested when we don't like such an effort then 'join them in the same tactics if you can't beat them.' But what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati