She's always on my mind. So let's make February SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN month. If each of you would call your Representative and ask them to support HR1248 and call your two Senators and ask them to support S1717, think of how many calls they will get. Email or fax works too That's just three phone, emails or faxes. Surely we each have time to do that! Then go a step further. Ask just 5 other people to do the same thing. And ask them to ask five people, etc. Soon EVERYONE in the United States will be calling to ask for support. Even if your Rep or Senator is a co-sponsor, call, email or fax them. Thank them for their support, but ask them to give a BIG PUSH to get it out of committee and on the floor for a vote. The owner's have made countless trips to Washington. Let's show them they have our loyal support and we're not giving up!!!!!