This is the last day of February, and it appears we still haven't gotten any movement on the bills. So, I am proposing March as "March on Congress!" month. We need to get the Big Wheel Rolling again!
Folks, at least those of you who still post and read here, we are in a Crisis! We are entering into the "Election Frenzy" time period for Congress. Somehow we have to get our message out to the media and get more "regular folks" to put pressure on congress to act on the bills.
We do have an uphill battle; there are some out there who really don't want to see the Delta Queen running again. I do not know, nor understand their motivation, but they do exist and we need to overcome their opposition.
If you have any ideas of how to get some media-worthy stories going, please share them. Oh for the days when Betty Blake could get press coverage on the steps of congress with nation-wide petitions for the Delta Queen. Apparently history is not as important to today's youth and society as a whole, so we will have to redouble our efforts!