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    Default Just Curious

    Now that fall's here and the weather is cooling off, I was wondering how the Grand Dame faired this summer in the heat and humidity of Louisiana and did they get much renovations accomplished? Since the fund raising drive ended, I haven't seen any pictures or articles about any on going work.

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    Jim or Keith. Are there any pictures of the (Howard built MARK TWAIN) at the museum? I remember visiting her herwith my Dad as a child.

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    Sorry to be so long getting back to you, yes there are a couple of pictures of the MARK TWAIN (the last steamboat Howard's built). It was a bad weather day when Jim Howard took his big 8x10 glass plate camera out to take pictures of the boat so they didn't come out too good. What surprises me is that Jim was taking glass plate photos as late as 1932.
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    Jim might know better than me, but it seems as if I've seen movies of the MARK TWAIN too.

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    Hey folks, let's try to keep on-topic with these threads. Jim started this thread with a very good question about how the DQ fared during the long, humid Louisiana Summer. I'd like to know this myself. If you want to start talking about the MARK TWAIN, let's not do it under the "Save the Delta Queen" heading.

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    More importantly, how are the Congressional Bills doing???
    Not a word and the year is growing SHORT!!! Remember, Congress shuts down for the holidays!

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    Default Delta Queen Steamboat Major Renovations

    Several of us myself included have posted on the DQ Facebook site to ask how the boats renovations are doing. So far a big silence. Does anyone else know anything??Carole Matthews from Pompano Beach Fla

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    *'Just Curious'/No news can be good*
    Steamboating colleagues:
    Jim, David, Carole reflect my own 'Just Curious' RE: repairs, renovations of our now long languishg DELTA QUEEN. In early summer direct 'word' from one involved down there to me did mention, "Work stopped due to high heat and humidity" which I respectfully took with no questions. I also recalled the fate of the late MISSISSIPPI QUEEN down there developing dangerous mold and mildew. There are times when 'no news can be good news.' Fine photos by Judy Pastch and others early on showed outside work, wood repairs, paint scraping, outside deck drains, deck/roof surfaces being addressed. No small job and I applaud the intent, dedicated work on one very big project. No additional news either on 'fund raising' so far. Any 'fund raising' can be a daunting task with, so far, no congressional work on any exemption, 'donations/contributions' with no individual IRS tax exempt credit that I'm aware--so far. I heard some considered me being negative and caustic on this topic--which is far from the truth. A question stated is legally no statment of any 'objections.' I earned my scars and bruises years back working with the late Betty Blake on the first DQ initiative and then my work on the first repairs/renovations of the steam towboat W.W. SNYDER from 1985 to 1988 in Marietta now being carried on by the State of Ohio and other dedicated individuals, organizations. How many now here were there back then doing this? These are, as you know, often thankless jobs done on our own free time and personal expense. I would not want to disclose the personal money I spent out of pocket on the first SNYDER project. Also a known fact that contributions to a 'private corporrate operation for profit outside of the general public domain' can also be daunting. The DQ is not in the same category of a boat like the SNYDER or other museum vessels. Even the sage BELLE OF LOUSVILLE receives public and civic support in her continual operation along with her cruise revenue. The famed Str. NATCHEZ is a private for profit family operation of 1st rate status.

    I've had in the past more than a a few private communications from in anger regarding my thinking--and attitude. That's the way these endeavors operate but with no censoring/editing of information and knowledge to promote an official 'party line.' I have no account with FACEBOOK or any other social media; thus I have no idea what is posted until individuals send me excerpts with, "we think you should know this." I have no time for social media no matter how positive it can be. Remember, any posting on a web site, E=Mail or social media is 'out there forever' and never goes away. Once printed on paper they are considered a 'legal document.' More than a few have received a surprise when they opened a letter bearing the name/address of a law firm or agency stating. "Dear so and has been brought to our attention from this source that you..." I think you get the idea. I wish the DQ, and her hard-working people, all the very best. Congress is another matter as David Dewey states and at this stage going into November only can make me wonder. I'm sure, if ready, individuals will provide information from the right sources, with the right information for the right reasons, at the right time and their authority who are directly involved. I've attended meetings, wrote paper editorials, made phone calls for the DQ until I'm blue in the face. At two meetings in the past I don't recall any names from this web there sitting behind me before I walked to the microphone with sweating brow. Again, what do I know?

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.

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    Thank you Dale for your input. I started to post something about not receiving any reply whatsoever a few days ago, but, like you, I get feed back about "not being with the program" or that I'm a "naysayer".
    I believe that not getting a reply speaks volumes. Apparently not much went on over the summer. Hopefully with the cooler fall weather work will begin again.
    My thoughts about getting the bill moving through congress....if I had ownership in the boat, I would mount a grass roots effort much as Betty Blake and Muster did. Every major river city has a Propeller Club, Power Squadron, Coast Guard Auxillary, Harbor Association and/or LIMA group. These are all made up of river interested people and people who have power and influence. I would be out going up and down the river speaking to all those groups I could. The members of those groups have more "swaying power" with their congressional representatives than going to Washington and taking a few beaurocrats out for a night of drinking.
    I would at least give it a try, what they've been doing doesn't seem to be working too well.
    But what do I know?

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    Very well said Dale. Very often times, no news can be good news, or just that....noting particularly noteworthy requiring broadcasting.

    The team has been busy working on the congressional front, and have been visiting with all of the river representatives along the boat's route.

    As for the boat itself, she's doing just fine. The boat has been made weather tight and all the leaks have been stopped, and deck cracks repaired to prevent any further deterioration.

    The primary goal of any work done in the slip at Houma has always been to stop the water leaks and deterioration of the wood. Hence why the roof was sealed, decks repaired and drains replaced. Most of that work has already been completed. All of the heavy major renovations will be undertaken when the boat is moved into a shipyard proper and a larger work force brought in. This will happen once the exemption passes. The boat is in a good area, has constant patrolling security onboard and is well lit at night. All is well on the Delta Queen. I will be back on the boat in a few days and try to take some photos.

    We appreciate the continued interest and support. During our visits with congressmen, everyone of them are well aware and informed about the Delta Queen and have commented on how often they hear from people like yourselves about the boat. Keep up the great work, and the efforts of everyone will soon pay off.

    We still feel just as confident as ever that the exemption will happen and the Delta Queen will be steaming again one day.

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