Hi Mike,
Senator Brown and Portman have introduced the stand alone bill for the Delta Queen to both the House and Senate nearly simultaneously. House Bill HR 1248 is currently in committee and has 17 Co-Sponsors which is really good, if most of you remember from last year we won with overwhelming support for the bill from the House, so it passed to the Senate as the same bill and it stalled out because of a talented lobbyist. The bill was never attached to the Transportation Bill, both bills in reference to the Delta Queen are stand alone bills. We will have some of the lawmakers speak out against it, we saw that last year, and we were able to counter it with correct facts. The Senate Bill has been issued and it is S-1717 presently has 7 co-sponsors and that is where we need folks to contact their state representatives to encourage them to support the bills. I will have a talking points document to assist anyone needing it up first part of the week. You can find the latest info on the Delta Queen pages we have set up: