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I submit an opportunity ─ str Amelia Poe.

On May 20, 1868 Amelia Poe passed Ft Buford without stopping. Loaded down with a quartz mill for the Montana mines and a cargo of whiskey and other liquors, she snagged near Oswego, MT on May 24 attracting 1,500 swarming Indians in a riotous salvage operation. The location where the packet snagged and sunk is now known as Amelia Poe Bend. Part of the cargo was saved by the steamer Cora and taken to Helena. The Poe passengers were carried to Ft Benton by the steamer Bertha. The quartz mill was stowed ashore, and as late as 1927 was still visible. [5] Although the principle owner of the Amelia Poe was Thomas W Poe, her captain was Thomas Townsend at the time of the wreck. Joe Fecto and George Hughse were the pilots based on an entry in the log of the Bertha on Monday, 25 May 1868. [6]

The loss was reported to be $72,000. [7]

Fran Nash

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