The online fundraising effort on Indiegogo has had great results but we donít want to neglect the old-school methods of reaching out to the public, and are asking for your help in getting the word out there. We need to spread the word about the fundraising campaign to bring the DELTA QUEEN back to Americaís rivers to potential supporters who havenít seen our Facebook page or read about it on this website.

Please help by contacting organizations where you live or travel that you think might share our interest in returning this grand lady to our rivers, such as maritime museums, Chamber of Commerce office or library (or business) in a river town, and asking if they would be willing to put out some of our new flyers. Send a request for printed flyers or for the file you can print yourself to Mike Washenko at or send him a private message.

Please share about the exciting rebirth of America's National Treasure steamboat!