I just received word that when they heard the Grand Old Lady had left Chattanooga, the workers at the Rabbit Hash Shipyard left their picket line..they had been on strike for "more" for the past five years. The Rabbit Hash Philharmonic started practicing a particularly romantic rendition of the Delta Queen Waltz and hishonor, the mayor, left his perch on the general store's front porch and went to the river to look for the Her Royalty's arrival. The boys in the boiler shop got the spare set of Weber W. Sebold boilers out of storage in anticipation. They'd been storing them for the past 40 yrs. hoping someday someone would refurbish a steamboat. The editors of the Rabbit Hash Bugle had the type all set for their first special edition in 50 years.
The towns movers and shakers had arraigned for newsman Les Nesman to come down from Cincinnati to provide live radio coverage of the steamers grand arrival.
When the Ol' Gal got to Paducah and turned left heading for Cajun Country instead of right, the workers went back on strike, the orchestra put their instruments away, the boilers went back into storage, the boys at the Bugle turned out the lights and went home, and Les Nesman never came.
We'll never know how history would have been different if her Majesty had just turned right.