Yes Dale, the minute Carmen mentioned copyrights, I immediately recognized the error of my thinking. I've had my own work "stolen" so do respect others' creative properties. Can't say I was hurt financially by the steal, but it was disconcerting to see my art work on a T-Shirt sponsored by a major brewing company. (Well, and a compliment too, thinking that they thought well enough of it to use it).
Bob, No smart phone here, I do have a flip phone (Scotty beam me up, they're on to me!), but it doesn't work for miles around my home. Believe it or not, there are areas even in California that do not have cell coverage, nor any "modern communications connections." We do have forests, mountains, wildlife, relative quiet, and for that we pay a price (and the California government taxes us annually for "fire protection."--I just paid mine). Oh, and half the time my GPS can't find a signal up here!
I have an 8 year old laptop that I'm trying to clear out (photos I need on it, but it crashes when I put in a thumb drive) so I can use it when I'm downtown and have wi-fi available to me. If I can't clear it out, I may have to buy a new one! It now takes 15 minutes to get Firefox up and running, I think because the hard drive is almost full. This week I will be working in Placerville in a more remote location than where I live, but the guy's house is on top of a hill & he has high-speed internet, so I will be able to see photos for a few days!! YES!!
Kind of way off-topic here, but I think if more folks realized how much Facebook (and Google) tracks of your internet usages--AND sells that info, it would be much less popular; but then privacy in today's world is pretty much an illusion!