hi everyone
Katherine or Catherine Livingston has come up at least a couple of times on this board. I have been off the board for a while and then I forgot my pass ward and Have been a couple of weeks getting a new one. here is what I have found on Catherine(14 Oct 1752-14 Jul 1849).

She is the daughter of judge Robert R Livingston (1718-1800) and Margaret Beckman (1724-1800) Robert Livingston and Robert Fulton held the steamboat monopoly on the Hudson River in 1808. Her parents controlled some 47,000 acres fronting on the Hudson and had a home in Clermont, Columbia county, New York. Catherine married Freeborn Garretson (1752-1827) He was a predominate and well known and respected Methodist
indenture minister in New York and surrounding area and a founder of the church in America. Catherine's cousin Harriet Livingston (12 Dec 1783-1824) married Robert Fulton. She has a bother John Livingston. Catherine had a brother Seth Livingstion who was promote in New York City politics and was part of a scandal in 1803 and he went to New Orleans and was there when the SB Orleans arrived.

The Livingston's were part of the then 1 % and Judge Robert was likely the source of funding of Roberts Fulton's Clermont and likely had an interest in the Orleans. I hope this sheds some light on who she was.