*AQ's wheel/'Thermite' here in Cincinnati*
Morning, Frank & steamboat colleagues,
Thanks, Frank, for the update on the AQ's ailing wheel. Glad to know all running again even if on a "slow bell...use of Z's." Steamboat wheel shafts have been cracking, breaking for years going all the way back to the first. Guess it's one factor in the equation of running a steamboat.

Speaking of the 'Thermite' process as discussed above. Those of you here living in the Cincinnati/Tri-state region may have seen the TV news here the other day regarding the current construction, laying of tracks for Cincinnati's new city streetcar line. Work is progressing as they reported. THEN I was surprised seeing a crew of steel workers laying the rails using the 'Thermite' process joining the track joints. There was the "mold" around the tracks with a lot of red hot metal, thick insulated gloves on the workers. Later pictured was the crew breaking away the mold/frame. So, 'Thermite' is alive and well as we write. Again, what do I know? Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati