Does anybody know where I can find pictures of "Earl Cooper" or any of these other Cooper's mentioned ?

RootsWeb: COOPER-L [COOPER-L] Steamboatmen COOPERs, as Mentioned in Way's Packet Directory

The ten COOPERs I will be describing are as follows: Captain COOPER;
David COOPER, Engineer; E.C. COOPER, Owner; Earl COOPER, Owner; Captain
Ed B. COOPER; Frank COOPER, Pilot; Captain Harry COOPER, J.H. COOPER,
Clerk; Captain R. COOPER; and William COOPER, Owner. Please keep in mind
that some of these ten COOPERs might be "repeats" of the same person, so
the total number of individuals may very well be less than ten. For
example, we might find that "Captain COOPER" and "Captain R. COOPER"
were actually referring to the same person.