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    Last evening on the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE's moonlight excursion. Kevin Mullen was roof captain, Pete O'Connell, pilot, and Steve Mattingly held forth below as chief engineer.

    The ol' gal is, let me tell you, in shipshape and Bristol fashion. This summer's work on the hurricane roof is nearly complete. New Dexatex is down and not a chip in it is in sight. Six newly fabricated stairs are ready to be installed from the hurricane roof up to the texas. Drew Cederholm's new hurricane deck stair covers are a real nice addition. There are several nice nautical touches that have been worked into their design to please the eye. New wood runs down along where the skylights were, and will be painted soon.

    When the BELLE's Birthday Bash takes place next month, those who haven't seen the boat in awhile will be real pleased. There are still tickets available for some trips during that week too.

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    Frank, I noted on the Sept. Reflector cover that Kevin was in the crew photo. Evidently,he is back and I'm glad to see that.

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    Noticed the same... since when is Kevin back? And good to see him back!


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    It was good to see Kevin. I hadn't seen him since he was preparing to give the keynote speech at the S&D banquet two years ago. Kevin said that he is working a few times a week on the BELLE to help out and is thoroughly enjoying himself. He also keeps a busy schedule as an instructor with the river academy at Memphis and preforming safety audits on towboats.

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    Good to see that the Belle of Louisville is 'shipshape and Bristol fashion'. I come from Clevedon, very close to Bristol (UK), and will check out on that when I am aboard at 1.00pm. on Friday October 17 th... the day before joining American Queen for a week.

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