Keith's Mardi Gras Jambalaya*
Ummmm, Keith's Jambalaya on this sunny, warmish afternoon here in 'Ragtown' sounds tasty to me. The KING CAKE here quickly growing smaller and smaller with no concerns over the calories it delivers. I learned to eat KING CAKE in thinner slices like the much poo phooed fruit cake...too much is...well...too much.

Also this past week, I pulled down from the kitchen recipe books shelf 'The DELTA QUEEN Cookbook: The History And Recipes Of The Legendary Steamboat' by Cynthia Lejeune Nobles, Louisiana State University Library, 2012, finding on Pg. 180 a recipe for 'Roast Pork Loin with 3-Chile Jus.' Takes time to prep but well worth the effort. A number of groups/clubs around here tout 'DELTA QUEEN luncheon parties' using the cookbook with rave reviews. A number here used to throw DELTA QUEEN dinners with me wondering how many others out there have or still do this tradition? I know Judy throws some dandy steamboat parties as does Ruth Guenther. We used to do this ages ago when the DQ was based here in Cincinnati on/around the weekend she steamed out 'trippin' for New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Her first trip then usually always received press coverage in either the old TIMES-STAR, CINCINNATI POST or now CINCINNATI ENQUIRER with photos in B/W of Mrs. Letha C. Greene, Paul or Harris Underwood--among other masters in time--pictured along with uniformed waiters posing with smiles of pride behind what would be set for dinner the first night. Sailing [i.e. 'trippin out'] hour was at 3:00 PM sharp. Purser Bob McCann and the office staff would check their watches looking up the hill in case some late taxi cab or family car was trapped behind a long feight train at the top of the hill. Even a few local steamboat veteran passengers would ride the trolley or bus down to meet the boat toting their own luggage. Cold with steam condensing, the DQ would round out, blow long whistles echoing off the the buildings of Cincinnati and under the Suspension Bridge with cars, buses slowing a bit to honk horns. Later the then newly installed calliope [Who here remembers that?] added even more color in sound. And with that the steamboat season had opened for another year. That was, indeed, a LONG time ago.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati