I think I own every CD the Ragtimers made. They were/are a unique group, playing songs you'd probably never hear elsewhere. I enjoyed their sessions on the second deck of the GOLDENROD on the St. Louis levee (both of which are in danger of extinction now). Don Franz subbed on the DQ in the mid 1970s. In fact, in one of Betty Blake's few PR blunders, she let our DQ trip start with the regular band, and then plucked the musicians off one by one to go play for one of the MQ's maiden voyages. For a day we were left with only our new banjo player, Fred Dodd, and the tuba player Don Franz. It was 'interesting' and we let our feelings of being the little abandoned sister known. Later when I took friends to the GOLDENROD for the Ragtimers session, Don gave us the complete behind the scenes tour during one of their breaks. I didn't know Trebor, he seemed to be quieter than the rest of the group, but he wasn't shy about tickling the ivories. He is going to be missed.