Hey Judy,
Thanks for passing along the news of Captain Joe Schadler. While I never personally met Joe or Scott I do have a story I thought I'd share about them. Prior to the 1992 and 1995 Tall Stacks I always wrote letters to the companies who had boats coming. I'd explain that I was a boat nut and that my family and I always camped at mile marker 500.1 to watch the boats come up for Tall Stacks. Late one evening prior to the 1992 event we saw what we thought was a light towboat coming up below Laughery Island. The boat was really hugging the Kentucky shoreline. As the boat reached our encampment the deck outline lights were turned on and a salute from the air horns echoed up the hill behind Kirby Rocks. It was the QUEEN of HEARTS and the Schadlers! They had probably marked the mile marker on their charts from my letter and really made my day. My sympathy to the Schadler family with the passing of Captain Joe.

Aaron Richardson