Sigh! Carmine I well remember a little girl in the front seat of my little steamer, MISSIE at Harrod's Creek near Louisville. When exiting the harbor where Jim Reising's JIM'S DREAM hosted us, she motioned she wanted to go left instead of right (further up the creek). We soon got into the Ohio River and encountered some steep stuff near the McBride fleet. The engine would slow going up a wave and race going down the other side...reaching bottom, MISSIE'd stick her nose a bit into the next one sending the spray flying. Far from terror, her scream was of pure delight! Not too sure about Franz, who was sitting beside her! At least Leonie and I were having a ball! Donno if she remembers it, but I sure do and wish her the best! WOW, talk about scary: 19 teen agers at your place! Tell her I'll try to have a steamer ready when she comes back! Cap'n Walnut.