Hi, I am new to the board and grateful to have found it. I am searching for information on the explosion of a steamboat on the Mississippi at Natchez sometime in 1846 after March. The boat was going from New Orleans to the Cincinnati area with German immigrants among the passengers. My family was among these people: Ignatz and Kearolina Miller and their children. There is a story in my family that two boats were racing when one exploded. Another story is that the boiler exploded...no mention of a race. One young girl in our Miller family was killed, Phillipi aged eight. My great grandfather who was ten suffered burns on his face and wore a beard the rest of his life to hide them. I have read that a German family in Natchez took him in and raised him, but I don't think that is the case. Perhaps a German family helped them all until they could get on their way as they were in Ohio fairly quickly after the explosion. I have been on the Internet searching for evidence of this explosion, but I haven't been able to nail down a particular boat. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciate. Linda Miller Wilson