This has nothing to do with paddlewheeling your way up a lazy river, but it does have plenty to do with the hard working, heroic merchant mariners that sail the world today in not always calm waters. Unfortunately, people don't associate the job of the able body seaman or the captain and chief engineer at sea as being in the same league as those on the rivers and Great Lakes, and this movie probably won't change that. This movie will show movie goers that there is still an American Merchant Marine that still faces unholy terrors while doing their jobs.

The new movie "Captain Phillips" staring Tom Hanks is one that shows the heroism of the captain and crew of the American flagged MAERSK ALABAMA as their ship is captured by pirates off of the Horn of Africa. The readiness of the crew to preform their job in the safest manner is well illustrated, but with high power automatic weapons the pirates are using many of the anti-pirate measures just slow the criminals down.

There is not a moment in what I believe will be a future Oscar nominated movie and cast that would not be of interest to any of us whom love the water or whom earn their daily bread there. We all know how the movie ends, but it is what will happen next before Capt. Phillips is rescued that will keep the movie goer well entertained and on the edge of their seats.