We all agree that the DELTA QUEEN has some pretty high hurdles to jump over before it comes steaming around a bend near you. The boat has to be purchased, moved, dry docked, new boilers, main steam line, paddlewheel, generators, the MSD has to be working (I don't think the Coast Guard will let the ol' gal piddle in the river). Then, an office has to be established, a staff hired, boat advertised, a boat crew hired and trained and the boat outfitted. All of this before the first dollar from passenger revenue is available for spending. This is possible because all it takes is money.
The highest hurdle will be, can all this be done and still keep the ticket prices affordable? So, my question is "what's affordable"? How much are you willing to spend for a weeks cruise with your better half.....$10,00, $8,000, $5,000, $4,000, $3,000? Without folks like you and me being able to buy tickets, it'll never happen.