Does not the DQ need a new boiler?

Yes, we prided ourselves in having only heat waves emitting from our fire tube boilers. (We had 2. The second one was bought brand new.) Once, a tv crew wanted smoke and we had to round up kerosene soaked rags to produce smoke. We then started the practice of saving rich pine, which we called Hollywood, to either produce smoke or heat up a cold fire. When we lengthened our stack, even the Hollywood had a hard time smoking.

I have observed some of these outside boilers(?) which burn wood for home heat. They take a lot of wood and can produce a lot of smoke, which the neighbors don't like. Apparently the units are not very efficient, to make so much smoke, and they are not that old. Or maybe the user doesn't know how to fire the thing. One of the users has obviously replaced his, which is probably a newer model and more efficient. We checked in to getting one of those and decided not to. Our indoor wood stove does just fine and produces only heat waves, most of which heat the house.