I went down to Lambert's Landing in St. Paul, MN to watch the American Queen depart tonight and came away feeling a tad let down. Look I understand that Lambert's Landing is an incredibly sterile port of call for any vessel to be moored at. Adding in the fact that the City of St. Paul has done a terrible job of fixing up or upgrading Lambert’s Landing surely doesn’t help. But after watching the fanfare of the AQ’s departure in Red Wing, MN yesterday I came away tonight feeling let down. First thing the AQ was scheduled to depart at 7:30 but for no apparent reason they dropped the lines and departed at 7:19 as if to say that they couldn’t get out of St. Paul soon enough. Secondly there was a very feeble effort to sound the whistle to announce her departure. Finally once again there was no calliope for her St. Paul, MN steamboat enthusiasts! This happened last year as well on a couple of occasions and for the life of me I don’t know why. You could just sense that there was a huge let down for all of the spectators gathered to see the AQ depart.

I guess the good news is that the AQ actually made it to St. Paul a week after the QoM claimed that they couldn’t due to low river levels so “Thank You!” I just wished that the AQ would treat us in St. Paul to the same show that they give all of her other ports of call.

Great to see her, would have been nice to hear her as well.

Sorry but no pic's since it was very cloudy and gloomy conditions.