I have three favorite DQ memories which every time I think of them gives me that "warm and fuzzy" feeling.
1.Tthe 1958 DQ's first Pittsburg cruise. Everything about that cruise was magical from the passengers which were literally a Who's Who of river people to feeling like celebraties at dinner docked along the river wall in Pittsburgh as hundreds of curious onlookers peered through the dinning room windows. Touring Zubik's fleet of old steamboats parked across the river, going up the Kanahwa to Buffalo, WVa. exploring the steam towboats J.M. VERITY and CHARLES R. HOOK which were tied off at Huntington for their empty barges to be loaded with coal.
2. On the first Reelfoot Lake trip passing Cairo (my first time) and seeing the line in the water where the waters of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers met. It was announced that if you threw a coin and it landed on the line in the water you would have good luck. Quarters started flying off the starboard side of the DQ. I remember Richard Simonton's mother was on that trip. She drew back like a big league pitcher and let her quarter fly. Her quarter flew past the line but her gold bracelet hit dead center...she commented "I wonder if a $300 bracelet counts".
3. When we dead headed from Cincinnati to Dravo at the end of the 1967 season. Fred Way was pilot and Jesse P. Hughes was along as an invited guest. I will never forget being in the pilothouse with those two men as they remembered and told stories about each landmark we passed.
What are your favorite DQ memories? And let's hope that the DQ is not finished making memories which a young boy will remember for the rest of his life.