Steamboating colleagues:
Recent Cincinnati media and the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER report that, at last, the now retired nuclear submarine USS CINCINNATI [1978-1996] is finally 'coming home' to the Queen City--at least a part of it. The nuclear sub, of cold war years, is scheduled for "pick up" in October of her central hull section, tower and 'wings' at 34 tons; 18 feet high; 31 feet 'wing' spread; 26 feet hull portion after the major components of the whole sub have been removed for recycling, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard--minus nuclear reactors and fuel, naturally. Private donors have raised already $50,000 in seed money with an ambitious plan.

A public campaign in 'Have Your Say' to discuss placement of the sub in an appropriate park environment either on the riverfront at Smale Park, or the mall in front of the Cincinnati Museum Center/Union Terminal. The Museum Center project contingent on repair/restoration of the spawling, period Art Deco structure. A type of water pond or lagoon to house the sub upperworks with the appearance of just surfacing appears in schematic architect renderings. Another site could be the expanded park west of the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Earlier 'thinking' on bringing the entire sub up river unreasonable due to her depth, length, tonnage and logistics. A new plan of employing salvagable portions of boats/ships for display more reasonable. May not be a true 'river steamboat,' but the USS CINCINNATI [Decommissioned in 1996] was one powerful nuclear vessel generating steam in her day.
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R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati