I was going through the 10 Sept 1990 Waterways Journal and came across an article on a video done to help win the exemption from safety at sea act. It fallowed the DQ from its build in Scotland to the trip through the Panama canal and up to 1990. feature a segment with "Prof" E. J. Quinby on the calliope. include was Capt Fred Way, Capts Tom and Mary Greene, Capt Ernest Wagner and Vic Tooler, and Bill Muster and Frank H. Mayfield jr. and Betty Blake. It was produced by Sentimental Productions, T. J. Grefemkamp of Cincinnati. priced then at $24.95 and $3.00 shipping.

I think this video has come up before. If a good copy could be found and put on a disk it could be a fund raiser. The video was inspired by Frank Mayfield's article in the Sept 1986 article in the Reflector entitled "The Big Exemption".

The same WJ article covers a video "Flatboat to Towboat" reissued as "River Calling" produced by Dorothy Weil and Jane Goetzman.