Judy, Thank you so much for those wonderful shots. In case mine don't turn out at least I know there are some good ones out there somewhere. I've been home long enough to get the laundry started and to say hi to the cat. She's back outside now basking in the sun. From the looks of my dried up lawn we had none of those late afternoon showers we enjoyed on the AQ.

All in all I'd say it was a very successful trip. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but much better overall than we had been hearing. Being a teenager in the 60's I did partake and thoroughly enjoy the added entertainment, which I would not normally have done. It was so nice seeing so many of the crew from my days of cruising on the DQ. Certainly made it seem more like what we had become used to. And as Bill Wiemuth says "we're family". So even though my vacation time, nor pocketbook will allow, I certainly wish I could go again sometime soon. We'll have to take a look at next year.

So good luck to the company, crew and staff for a successful rest of the season. And now with all that deck time, as soon as I get this load of laundry on my backyard clothes line - watch out couch. It's nap time!!!!