Hello All,

I've been pondering the fate of the DQ a lot lately because of all the talk about her moving to Florida. I've been trying to remove the sentimental thoughts about this and look at it strictly from a business perspective. So with that thought process in mind what is the DQ worth A: as a dockside hotel and B: as an operating overnight steamboat. It seems to me with my limited knowledge of hotel operations that profit margins are low, especially based on the "capacity" of rooms on the boat. The age of the boat also lends itself to lower profits in upkeep versus that of a newer all steel boat. I guess where I am going with this is that from a business standpoint it seems like a very risky venture to operate the DQ as a hotel without a long term goal of making it a more profitable (operating) enterprise. Maybe I am wrong about the profit margins, seems hard to believe though when I feel land based hotels share these low margins. It's only magnified by having the maintenance cost of something that floats and is made primarily of wood. Will someone pay more to stay on the DQ versus a land based hotel, some would, we would, but I think most, especially in today's climate would choose the cheaper alternative or a hotel with more amenities. Are there steamboat fans in Florida, yes! Are there more in the Midwest within traveling distance of Chattanooga, I think so! So weigh in you other bean counters out there. Financially is the DQ worth more as an operational overnight boat or as a hotel? I look forward to everyone's opinions, but for the sake of this post, leave the sentimental, historical value, out of this equation.