Steamboating colleagues:
Fate of the former DQ CAPE MAY & CAPE COD cruise vessels has been revealed in both a business B=Mail and a squib in the winter issue of PowerShips from Steamship Historical Society of America. Frank Prudent, and others on this web, are subscribing members.

Both boats left Green Grove Springs, Florida near Jacksonville for northern and British waters with doubts they will ever return. CAPE MAY LIGHT departed on June 11, 2011 for Deception Bay, Canada as an accommodation vessel for 160 port construction workers there. The name Deception Bay gives me chills. Previously she had served in Port au Prince, Haiti following the disastrous earthquake in 2010. CAPE COD LIGHT depated in August, 2011for Barrow-in-Furness, England also to serve as an accommodation ship for port workers. A number of boats, ships/liners in recent years have been retired and put in such service around the world as basically barracks.

Both are managed by 'Comfort At Sea,' joint venture between 'Blue Water Shipping A/S of Denmark, and ISP of Miami, Florida.' I never laid eyes on either but some here may have. What a disappointment they never lived up to their potential here as cruise vessels under 'Coastal Voyage' logo.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.