Hi, Ted,
Glad the 'links' opened for you to peruse. Our Great Lakes, known to many on this web, considered 'America's Inland Seas' rivaled only by the central lakes of Africa, Russia's Lake Bykal. I meet loads tourist from Europe and around the world--especially Germany--who are enthralled. Norhern Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Erie, Ontario on down the Saint Lawrence spectacular in secnery, fresh water similar to Scandinavia. Again, people like it or not. I'm fond of Wisconsin's shores, Georgian Bay, our area near our summer home up to Mackinac Island. Aging steamships with the May to October season until now not served by cruise vessels.

A number of us on this web have steamed on the SS BADGER as part of our MOR summer meetings. I'm sure a number can testify to the beauty and adventure aboard a real live coal burning steamship. Again, the German HAPAG-LLOYD ship COLUMBUS I've seen in person on the lakes a real beauty.

An analogy here could compare the lower Mississippi to the beauty of the upper Miss and upper Ohio. I wish the emerging cruise lines on the GLs all the best. The market up there, like the river cruise market here, is ready and ripe. Thanks to you, Judy, and others, for the continuing great pictures of the Mississippi and New Orleans. I like your 'big ship' photos. Not 'pure steamboats' but...well...you did ask. Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.