Greetings From New Orleans ,
My good friend , Capt. Fred Carmichael tells me that his special lady ,
" Steamboat Mary " is on the river once again as Riverlorian for BB River Cruises !
She is now well on her way to Nashville , Tenn. and I am sure she is doing her best to keep the passengers both well informed and entertained as only she can do !
For those of you that are not up to speed with " Steamboat Mary's " adventures , she has served as Riverlorian on the Str. Delta Queen and I am sure with her unique history and perspective of the river and the steamboats of old she will keep her passengers on the edge of their seats as she enlightens them to what life on the river is really all about !
I was never so impressed with Mary's abilities when she and Fred made a trip with me on a ship late one night and witnessed her climb up the ship's rope Pilot Ladder !
Hopefully , when she returns to the Queen City she will give us all a full report on her cruise !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson