This may not be the forum to do this. I am researching all riverboat families living in Pittsburgh between 1740 and 1933. I do know several people have done this before. What is different, I am cross referencing them showing the interconnections of riverboat families from Pittsburgh to New Orleans.

I ave several pictures of Pittsburgh in the later 1800's with hundreds of steamboats parked along the banks. The captain I am most interested in is Captain Daniel Pollard buried in Pittsburgh with may other riverboat families. I believe he was General Grant's flagship captain at Vicksburg and a business partner to steamboat builder Issac Hammitt. Captain Issac Hammit is buried in the same general area of Captain Daniel Pollard.

It was believed my family owned the Steamboat The Zachery Taylor which blew up before the Civil War just outside of St Louis. It was pushing a barge full of pigs from Greensburg PA and a hold full of china from China.