Yes, there are steamboats in other places! I guess this one really qualifies as a real Mississippi River system steamboat, for Lake Chautauqua feeds into the Allegheny River, thenceforth to the Ohio, and ultimately the Mississippi.

This weekend has been wonderful here in New York State...the Stage's run a very busy and good operation with the Steamer CHAUTAUQUA BELLE.

Of course, this vessel is no stranger to these boards...she was designed by Capt. Alan Bates and has just as much sheer and camber as his design for the beautiful Steamer NATCHEZ. She has engines build for her by Harry Mc Bride in Illinois. She is steam with a 100hp steam boiler residing in the hull forward.

As she comes to life, steaming out of her landing, she scapes out the roof with an expressive and loud chuff, chuff, chuff! There is no mistaking her for the real thing...for she comes alive when running. She is a steamboat fans dream as every part of the machinery of the vessel is very accessible to passengers. You can see everything!

The whole boat is charming...from her authentic lines and machinery to her feel...she IS a true steamboat, through and through!

Yes, she has charmed me. So much so that I have to strongly suggest, if you are ever up here in the Chautauqua Lake/Buffalo, NY region you MUST visit and ride on the CHAUTAUQUA will be quite remiss in satisfying your love of steamboats if you don't!