Here on the UMR we don't have the rapid 40 ft. increases as the Ohio often has. Ours is a slow progression of rising water which often hangs around for several weeks. This year's screwy weather has caused many drastic changes in the crest forecasts. Flood stage here in the Quad Cities is 15 ft. Our record crest is 22.83, back in 1993. When I was in New Orleans last month, forecasters were predicting catastrophic crests of 24-26 feet and towns were having emergency meetings and getting sandbags filled. Then the cold weather returned and stopped the snow melt from up north, and predictions dropped to a minimal flood of 16-18 ft. Now with daily rain/snow throughout the upper midwest, the predictions have gone up. Today we sit at 20.3 with a crest of 20.9 expected tomorrow. This causes significant flooding in Davenport, as the accompanying link shows. Quad-Cities Online The city built a catwalk to the ballpark, so Sunday a game went on even though the park was surrounded by flood waters - you can see the players on the field in one picture. Rock Island has a flood wall, so we are fine other than down at Sunset Park and Marina, which is inundated at this level. In photos 1-4, that is the bandshell in LeClaire Park below the stadium, where the Bix Jazz Fest and many other concerts are held. In the photos of the Davenport casino, that is an Alter towboat holding the complex in place. This casino is part of the Isle of Capri company which Alter owner Bernie Goldstein founded. Needless to say, the casino is closed due to the flood.