*RE: PAR-A-DICE/Goa, India etc.*
Hi, John, Travis & Steamboating colleagues:
Fascinating posting with links above on the PAR-DICE now in Goa, India, formerly the Portugese colonly for 350 years until returned to India in 1961. This all new to me but appreciated. The mere logistics of repositioning the vessel that far away mind boggling. Let's not 'go' where the legal and insurance factors are concerned. 'Paper Corporations' abound with all that implies. And we thought Capt. Tom Greene bringing the DELTA QUEEN, 1947, from San Francisco area to New Orleans and on to Cincinnati and DRAVO near Pittsburgh a classic voyage. I'd surmise once in Goa the vessel won't be making a return trip.

Goa, India's richest state, has been a mecca for foreign tourist and Indians alike. Tourism in 2010 dropped some 30% due to international financial problems along with terrorist threats following the Mumbai bombings. The Indian navy playing a positive role in issues of piracy off the coast of Africa. I well remember aboard ship warnings while sailing through pirate prone waters. Having been to that part of the world one is careful on any boat or conveyance due to varying codes of safety and construction. You keep your eyes open constantly noting all. You can go on line and type in any foreign destination you are considering along with 'Travel advisories' and see what pops up from our own U.S. State Dept. and other similar departments of developed 1st World nations. This not done by many only to their regret when they faced issues in such countries. You keep names, addresses, phone numbers of the local U.S. Embassy on your person. India is a mind blower in more ways than one positve and negative. Worth seeing, but be prepared for bad dreams some months after you return. Watch what you touch, eat or drink. They don't spray your shoes and baggage upon re-boarding your ship for nothing. Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.