I was surfing the web today and stumbled across a picture of the ex. Par-a-Dice (Golden Lady) taken February 22, 2010!! The boat is operating as a cruising casino in....Boa, India. She is intact and looks basically like she did when she was operating in Illinois and Iowa.

She is called the "Boa Sorte" and operates out of one India's richest states where apparently they have at least six other casino vessels.

The only major differences I noticed were the boom and stage are gone (the king's pole is still there), the rails on third deck in front of the rescue boat have been moved behind the boat and they replaced the boat/davit, the windows on second deck aft have been covered and the bull-rail on main deck appears to have been replaced by a different type of railing and extended around the entire head deck. Other than that, it's the same boat.

Good to learn the rumors about her being reduced to a barge weren't true, just wish she was still in the good ole U.S.A. Of course if she was, she'd probably just rusting away in some fleet.

Here is a link: http: //www.flickr.com/photos/joegoauk23/4378123075 to the Flicker page with the picture, maybe someone else knows how to post it.