CNN reported early this morning that the sternwheeler BRANSON BELLE was aground on Table Rock Lake Saturday with 500+ passengers, who had to spend the night on board. Due to weather conditions they decided to wait until daylight to attempt moving the boat. Thank goodness she's HEATED and there was plenty of food! Hope all aboard are doing OK!

River Trivia Fact: The big double circle pilotwheel in the pilothouse of the BRANSON BELLE came from the steam towboat C.C. SLIDER, long a fixture here in the Louisville harbor, owned by the E.T. Slider Sand and Gravel Company. The boat was dismantled in the early 1950's at the Maxon yard in Tell City and the wheel was acquired by the late Bert Fenn who had a river collection second to none. The wheel was sold at auction in 1994 and placed on the BRANSON BELLE,