Here's an interesting item: While reading my latest issue of Preservation Magazine, the publication of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I glanced at the fine print item listing current board of trustee members who are coming up for new terms, and noted that a Mrs. Inouye was up for re-election. Hmmm. So I looked her up. Yes, this leader of the nation's foremost historic preservation organization is indeed the (relatively recent) wife of Sen. Daniel Inouye, one of the two legislators most responsible for NOT renewing the DQ's exemption to the Safety of Life at Sea Act. She has an extensive resume in museum/preservation work and issues--look it up. You can't tell me her husband is unaware of the cultural value of a working Delta Queen. Is anyone else dumbfounded that he, of ALL people, with a new wife gung-ho on saving America's treasures, was so instrumental in grounding a vessel that is a National Historic Landmark AND part of the National Trust's Historic Hotels of America program? I hope at least that there was some heated pillow talk in their household!