Chattanooga has a history of having an inbred mentality. Thia is why Atlanta was able to leap ahead after the Civil War. Since I moved here almost 4 years ago I have discovered how small minded some of the residents are. With some of the comments made by these people I feel The Queen needs to be moved and get a home that will welcome her, Chattanooga doesn't deserve her. I even think it would be good if she went back to California, I bet they would have her running her old routes, they tend to preserve their history. I only hope the people of Chattanooga will see the jewel they have and the visitors that come mainly to see the boat. I give tours to people from all over that say they came just to see the Delta Queen not Rock City or Chattanooga. These people venture out and spend money visiting Chattanooga and enjoy. I personally am greatful to have the Queen here. She allowed me to see a passion I didn't know before. As the saying goes "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!"