Hi everyone, I just got home from my stay aboard the DQ last night. To sum it up in one word, WOW!!!! It was my first time on her, and she looked just stunning. The volunteers were amazing, and everyone at the hotel I encountered was out of their way friendly. I had my room upgraded (to #121), in the back with the paddlewheel view. I spent the biggest part of the afternoon taking some great pictures of her from the park, both bridges, and from across the river. The weather was "picture" perfect.

I was told beforehand I would fall in love with her, and I sure did, head over heels. Although I wish she was still steaming up and down the rivers, she is in a beautiful place and she is getting constant love from the volunteers who literally make her shine. The interest in her is very strong as well, as I spoke to one local couple who were contemplating staying on her tonight. It was late when I ran into them, and I gave them a personal tour of my room to try and sell them on staying a night (hope it worked).

This morning I had a delicious complimentary breakfast, much nicer than any other hotel comp breakfast. I'm a flight attendant, and have stayed in MANY a hotel over the past 10+ years. The comfort of the bed rivals the best I have ever experienced. I can think of nothing negative I saw, heard, or smelled during my travels around the area. I look forward to keeping in touch with my newfound river friends and making another trip very soon to keep my love affair alive.