Please pardon me if I do things incorrectly. I am new to this message board. I came upon in pursuit of a means of marketing 3 charcoal sketches that I own done by J. Franklin Brown. They are of Louisville & Cincinnati/City of Louisville (dated 1968); Joe F? (dated 1968); and Robert E. Lee (dated 1969). All are framed and signed by J. Franklin Brown. I know there is some discussion of his cronies signing his art work; however, I have carefully examined all signatures, and they are all identical. This leads me to believe that they are all signed by the artist, himself.

I purchased them at an auction in Madison, IN, but they just don't work into our existing home/B&B. They are all for sale for $200 each, or $500 for all 3 prints. They can be viewed here in Aurora, IN.

Thank you for your patience with this new posting.