I flew on Ozark from Owensboro, Ky to Louisville in 1962. The round trip fare was $ 18.00, which I thought was way too much, and they passed out chewing gum due to the non-pressurized cabin. The plane was a DC-3. Wish I could do it again today, even for much more than that amount!

I also flew on TWA from Indianapolis to Newark (or was it Philadelphia) en-route to McGuire AFB where I transferred to Overseas National Airways (a 707) courtesy of Uncle Sam in April, 1967 in transit to Frankfurt and assignment to a Hawk missle battalion near Hanau, Germany. En-route, we landed at Pittsburgh where I saw a Convair on the tarmac lettered for "The Beach Boys". Departing Pittsburgh. my plane was called back because the landing gear wouldn't go up. I don't recall what model the airplane was.

The only other 707 I flew on was a charter airline from Miami to Cuba in 1983 but that's another story.

-Jim Herron