I,d just like to comment on some of the posts in regard to JBS and volentiers.There are people who like to vollentier for projects that they are interested in.I have did that for Steam shows for over 30 years.I had a Steam traction steam engine and ran it at many shows.All vollentered.Any thing that is run by steam draws people.All you have to do is look along the river when the Queens were coming by.Same with Steam Locomotives,people crowd by the tracks to see them run.Its our Heritage.I dont think any steam boat or locomotive you see running doesnt have some vollenters in some capicity.The problem is the cost of running Steam.And its because of the high cost of Insurance.Not because it has steam as power.As for the JBS get a group going with Vollenters to help in restoration and using the boat.Example,The city of Duluth was owner of the Coastguard ship the Sundew.It was a Ice brecker.The city used it as a museum but didnt get enough people to go on it.The City put it up for sale and a private party bought it.The fellows wife said what are we going to do with it.He said take tours out on Lake superior.It takes so much crew and he advertized for vollenters.People who use to be on the ship came, from Pilots to Engine room personal. All Vollenters.And are doing tours out in the lake on Weekends.It can be done.Lets see that the JBS and the Delta Queen dont fade away in the sunset.